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Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipes from Plymouth County Plumbers
November 1, 2021 at 9:30 PM
A scene that causes frozen pipes that a Plymouth County plumber needs to fix.

No matter how excited you are for the upcoming holiday season, cold weather always brings plumbing anxieties. The worry about frozen pipes in the Northeast isn’t misplaced. A frozen pipe can not only disrupt your routine and ruin a weekend but it can cause thousands of dollars of damage not only to your home’s plumbing systems but to your home, property, and even foundation. Robert Fickert Plumbing and Heating wants to help homeowners avoid the stress, hassle, and cost of frozen pipes. Try these tips from Plymouth County plumbers with decades of experience.

Why are frozen pipes in wintertime dangerous?

When water freezes, as it can during the frigid New England winters, it expands. That expansion can cause pipes in homes to break apart, but rarely at the area where the ice block forms, but between it and faucets.

Pipes exposed to wind chill or in unheated areas of your home are vulnerable to freezing, causing a rupture further in your system––such as in a kitchen or bathroom wall. But, with a few proactive steps, you can protect your home and belongings.

Insulate your pipes to prepare for cold weather

Before winter sets in, an experienced plumber in Plymouth County can install insulation in areas with pipes exposed to wind and cold. It’s a preventative measure that’s cost-effective and will protect your home and belongings from an expensive burst pipe.

Apply electrical heating tape to vulnerable pipes

Electrical heating tape goes one step further than insulation. It is ideal for vulnerable pipes in accessible areas, such as on your home’s exterior, in the attic, or in your basement.

You can use either manual tap, which must be plugged in and unplugged as needed, or automatic, which turns on when temperatures drop low enough.

Find and seal cracks in your home’s exterior

Any breach in your home can not only drive up your home’s heating costs but make you vulnerable to frozen pipes. Check areas surrounding windows and doors, places where cables enter your home, or where your home sits on the foundation.

Sealing these cracks will not only save money heating your home but also prevent a frozen pipe.

Open your cabinets and closets regularly

Keep warm air flowing through your home and close to walls with pipes in them by keeping your interior doors open and open cabinets to let warm air cycle through them.

Keep your heat above 55 degrees and thermostat consistent

Most homeowners will turn down the thermostat a few degrees at night to save on heating costs. However, a consistent thermostat is an easy way to keep pipes warm until spring. Save money by keeping the thermostat set a few degrees lower around the clock. Or, consider how much more expensive a frozen pipe is than your heating bill.

Let faucets drip

Dripping faucets are usually a source of anxiety for homeowners, but they keep water moving during the winter. The movement within the pipes takes more energy to freeze, and the extra movement can prevent freezing during the coldest months of the year.

Identify the most vulnerable pipes in your home and keep those taps open to prevent a freeze.

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