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Looking for boiler repair in Taunton, MA?
April 7, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Boiler repair in Taunton, MA.

The heat going out in your home or business is a clear sign your boiler isn’t working. But sometimes, a boiler will continue to heat, even if it’s not working at peak efficiency. The good news is that a broken boiler doesn’t always need replacement. Even if you’re afraid of spending thousands of dollars replacing your unit, don’t ignore these key signs your boiler isn’t working. Instead, get your boiler repaired by a Taunton, MA heating and plumbing expert.

Your boiler starts making a lot of noise.

As a homeowner, you’ve grown accustomed to the noises of your property. Your home’s unique sounds have become background noise in your life, whether it’s wood settling at night, a loose gutter rattling in the wind, or the sound of your pipes in the winter. But you may need a boiler repair if you’re noticing a lot of racket from your boiler that used to run quietly.

  • Whirring and clunking indicate a worn pump or fan.
  • Whistling and gurgling happen with low water pressure.
  • When debris gets in the boiler, a range of sounds may occur.

As soon as you hear unusual noises, call a heating and plumbing expert to avoid a replacement later.

You notice leaks surrounding your boiler.

Leaks aren’t typical for boilers, although many people with older models have accepted them as part of their boiler’s operation. On their own, leaks can cause mold, damage your foundation or the structure of your home. But they also show your boiler isn’t operating correctly and often give you ample warning that a replacement may be in your future.

It’s never too late to get a heating expert like Robert Fickert Heating & Plumbing to help with boiler repair in Taunton, MA.

Your heating bill is more expensive than usual.

Your home is staying warm, but your heating utility keeps going up month after month. If it isn’t colder than usual, a higher bill indicates your boiler isn’t operating with efficiency.

There are myriad reasons, and having an expert out to your home to look may reveal a simple boiler repair to save you money on your utility bills. If your boiler is over 15 years old, it may be time to replace it.

The pilot light is out or looks weird.

In homes with older appliances, you may be used to working with pilot lights on your stove or water heater. But if your boiler’s pilot light keeps going out or requires relighting every year, then it’s a sign that parts may need replacement or repair.

The most common cause of a faulty pilot light is a bad thermocouple. Keep an eye out for oil stains near the pilot light or that it’s burning yellow when relit, as those are signs there’s something more serious at work.

There’s an unpleasant smell coming from the boiler.

A four smell may be a carbon monoxide leak from your boiler. It’s a serious problem, as it interferes with your boiler’s operation and poses health risks for yourself and your family.

Carbon monoxide exposure causes an array of health concerns, including headaches, nausea, and trouble breathing. It’s critical to get boiler repair in Taunton, MA if you suspect your boiler has a carbon monoxide leak.

Contact Robert Fickert Plumbing & Heating in Taunton, MA, for boiler repair and replacement.

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